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BvS: DoJ, -*

Polemics aside, I’ve got to admit that Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t a perfect movie, and doesn’t really deserve *****. I gave it a 7/10 on IMDB, hedging between a *** and a **** review. It does suffer from … Continue reading

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BvS: DoJ, *****

There are a couple of caveats we need to get out there before you read this spoilertastic appraisal of Zak Snyder’s masterpiece. The first is that I hate Superman – both dramatically, and as a character. I’ve always sided with … Continue reading

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Man of Steel [2013]

However much we want Criticism ™ to be a rational and thoughtful exercise, it ultimately originates in an emotional response to a work. The best criticism is done when a critic is passionate about their subject, but has lingering questions. … Continue reading

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Pre-Man of Steel

Even more painful to me than Nick Cole’s continuing love of Superman is my own acute awareness that I hate Superman for all the wrong reasons. Superman is the ultimate paragon of virtue. The result of his absolute power was … Continue reading

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Why We Fight – the limitations of the superhero story

Started to write this months ago, can’t be bothered finishing and editing. Take it as you find it: Ivan summarizes superheros: It’s been twenty years since Watchmen; does anybody really still think the superhero genre is about the fighting? …. … Continue reading

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The last refuge…

The last academic writing I did was on Shakespeare’s use and treatment of violence in his Roman plays. The bard was able to juxtapose violence with rhetoric very effectively in a number of situations. The two scenes which I found … Continue reading

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Watchmen [2009]

On Saturday I went with “and friends” to see the Watchmen movie.

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300 [2006]

So, and I watched the 300 tonight. I got bored. I was reminded of Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver, which also managed to take a tumultuous period in history absolutely crammed with interesting stuff and bore the pants off me. I hope … Continue reading

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