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Live by Night [2016]

The 1920s are defined in the modern Western imagination by the Volstead Act, Prohibition, and the  criminal underworld it created. The reason is partially that the most successful and most powerful bootleggers of the age wanted it that way. Al … Continue reading

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Bill [2015]

The idea of alternate histories is inherently a little playful – even quite brutal scenarios like Fatherland or The Man in the High Castle, can’t help but have an ironical eye on the world as it really is or was. … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Nothing [2012]

I went to see this at the Embassy, in the main auditorium. My first plan had been to see it at the Roxy on Sunday, but that sold out. And shortly after my plan B, this one sold out. I … Continue reading

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The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane

On Monday I saw The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane. I have to admit that I was feeling a bit tired and so it’s possible, nay likely, that I didn’t give it a fair viewing, but I came out of it … Continue reading

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Went to see _Hamlet_ at Te Whaea last night. I’ve been to a couple of productions out of the school in the past few years, and all have had a lot of positive qualities. They tend to be very polished, … Continue reading

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The last refuge…

The last academic writing I did was on Shakespeare’s use and treatment of violence in his Roman plays. The bard was able to juxtapose violence with rhetoric very effectively in a number of situations. The two scenes which I found … Continue reading

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Understanding yourself through Shakespeare

It’s always somewhat difficult to think or write about yourself with clarity. Honesty is easy, but the biggest lies we tell are always to ourselves. As Cassius explains to the ill-starred Brutus: And it is very much lamented Brutus, That … Continue reading

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