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A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night [2014]

There is no shortage of recent films with which to compare A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Is it the next Let the Right One In [2008], Only Lovers Left Alive [2013], 30 Days of Night [2007], or Twilight [2008], let alone … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula [1978]

I love alternate-reality stories. My favourite Buffy episodes are a double-bill of “The Wish” and “Dopplegangland”, my favourite original Star Trek episode is “Mirror, Mirror”. Once the tropes of a setting are established, it is fascinating to look at “what if?” … Continue reading

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KapCon Round 2 – Pleasures of the Flesh

Warning Label:I’m reviewing the KapCon games I played in some detail. There will be spoilers that make it impossible to play the game, and I will be naming names of people I played with and things I both liked and … Continue reading

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True Blood [Season 2]

Now that season 1 has established everything, I found Season 2 significantly better than Season 1. Main comment would be that I really can’t get a read on Jason Stackhouse. He’s the story everyman, pliable and rolling with the wind: … Continue reading

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True Blood [Season 1]

A lot of my friends have already seen this – I hope therefore there are no real spoilers, but just in case:

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Zombies and Vampires

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