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12 Books of Christmas: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

If the key to understanding a person really is understanding their hobby horses, then understanding me is a matter of understanding the Mystery-Investigation Complex. While I love science fiction and fantasy, my truest love is the detective story, whether playing … Continue reading

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Days of Future Past [2014]

The best fiction is never merely what it appears to be. I think we all understand this instinctively, and the role of the Critic is to go mining for greater, deeper and wider meanings in works that are not apparent … Continue reading

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Continuum [Ep 1.1 & 1.2]

With Kevin Kulp’s TimeWatch in the back of my mind, I sat down to watch the pilot of this new SyFy Channel original. It looked great, but even allowing for the usual jitters and settling in problems of a new … Continue reading

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The Shadow Out of Time [1934]

Spoilers ahoy. Go read the short story, and then come back here. Trust me, just do it.

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TimeWatch Preview

In my review of Looper, I opined that the core problem with Time Travel narratives was “that there is a kind of fundamental loss of human agency inherent in the premise unless you allow paradoxes”. The ability for events to … Continue reading

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The Anubis Gates [1983]

We tend to think of Time Travel as the quintessentially Sciency Science Fiction. Time Travel narratives are narrative Rube Goldberg machines – the fascination comes from the surprising juxtaposition of events that lead inexorably down a path of barely-believable convolution. Deja … Continue reading

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To Say Nothing Of The Dog [1997]

I began my review of Looper with an introduction to Time Travel ™ narratives, to which the redoubtable Ivan replied that he was interested in my view on To Say Nothing of the Dog. Somewhat later, I have read, digested, … Continue reading

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Looper [2012]

For a while I have been finding Time Travel narratives a little unsatisfying. There are a couple of problems with the genre as a whole, with the concept as a whole, that fall out of their structure. The most fundamental … Continue reading

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Midnight in Paris [2011]

Just following up on my previous post, C and I went to see Midnight in Paris last night. It was quite amusing, but I came away feeling somehow a little unsatisfied. I expressed this immediately afterwards by saying that I … Continue reading

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Source Code [2011]

It was pretty good actually.

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