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Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado [2018]

When Day of the Soldado was announced I had much the same response as I often do to sequels and prequels: scepticism. This felt, if not quite as pointless as Solo, fairly superfluous, especially when the announcement made clear that the … Continue reading

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Hancock [2008]

Iron Man [2008] was effectively where the modern Super Hero film kicked off, and with it came a certain kind of super-hero story design that I think has found its way into a relatively dead end, and for which I … Continue reading

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Man with a Movie Camera [1929]

For my studies this year, I’ve watched in the order of 50 films, and the best of them is probably a 1929 silent pseudo-documentary called Man with a Movie Camera. It was made by a guy who got his start … Continue reading

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The 11 Books of Christmas

I was a terrible student at high school. Particularly in my last three years, I made a terrible mistake in my choice of friends. I fell in with a group of role-players almost all of whom were “accelerates” – the … Continue reading

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12 Books of Christmas: Freakonomics

I tend to describe myself as a communist at the outset of political discussions with strangers as a strategy for tuning them into the idea that I’m not convinced of the inherent and unassailable correctness of any current political and … Continue reading

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12 Books of Christmas: The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

I have recently embarked on the exciting and daunting world of internet dating, which has given me the opportunity to answer various profiling questions so a computer algorithm can determine who I am and match me with someone compatible. It’s … Continue reading

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Irreducible Complexity

My favourite argument in favour of Intelligent Design is “irreducible complexity”. The argument is, roughly, that some things found in nature are so intricate and complex that if you change any one element by even a small amount, the whole … Continue reading

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