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The Alloy of Law [2011]

I was not really much of a fan of the original Mistborn trilogy. The initial premise was to set a fantasy story in a world after the total victory of your classic mega-evil wizard. What’s it like to live in the … Continue reading

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Hancock [2008]

Iron Man [2008] was effectively where the modern Super Hero film kicked off, and with it came a certain kind of super-hero story design that I think has found its way into a relatively dead end, and for which I … Continue reading

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword [2017]

It is axiomatic in my critical writing that a work should be taken on its own terms as much as possible, and I try to then understand given it succeeds, what meaning the thing conveys. This is a very difficult … Continue reading

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Captain America: Civil War [2016]

A while ago I posted a list of films I’d seen and not reviewed, offering to get down to it on any that were of real interest, and Maksim asked me to “go deep” on Civil War. I recently had the … Continue reading

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Doctor Strange [2016]

When people talk about a “popcorn” film, Doctor Strange is the kind of thing they have in mind. It’s a really delicious surface confection with basically no substance and lots and lots of unintended problematic aspects. In my mind, the biggest … Continue reading

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Suicide Squad [2016]

There is exactly one great ensemble-based action-adventure: the Iliad. Achilles is clearly the main character, inasmuch as his choices shape the narrative, but the bulk of the action features the other badasses being badass – Hektor propping up the entire … Continue reading

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BvS: DoJ, -*

Polemics aside, I’ve got to admit that Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t a perfect movie, and doesn’t really deserve *****. I gave it a 7/10 on IMDB, hedging between a *** and a **** review. It does suffer from … Continue reading

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