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Niche Protection

I have recently backed Hamish Cameron’s new *World game, The Sprawl. It’s a game that will fill an infrequently-used niche in my gaming regime: Cyberpunk. Combined with the other games in the *World suite, The Sprawl is getting me closer to … Continue reading

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The World’s End [2013]

I saw The World‘s End on Saturday, and I’ve been having a surprising amount of difficulty deciding on how to approach this review. I’ve posted a lot in recent reviews about the interplay between a work setting its own terms … Continue reading

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Getting the most from Zombie Cinema

So as Marcus said on his LJ, the other week I helped shepherd along a game of Zombie Cinema. It’s one of my favourite RPGs – as a light-weight filler game, it is pretty much unsurpassed. It takes about 15-20 … Continue reading

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Story Events

Reposted from Gametime The last couple of years has been very fruitful for my understanding of roleplaying. I feel like I’ve got a better grasp of what’s going on at the table around me than I did a couple of … Continue reading

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The New Columboism

Back in December last year, posted a quite interesting piece called Columboism and then almost immediately disavowed it [Or, apparently, not. 🙂 – Mash]. My own reaction to his post was pretty straightforward: he was wrong. The idea of having … Continue reading

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Reposted from the Gametime group blog.

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