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Player Facing Scenarios

This was originally published on Gametime: an outpost for NZ RPG thought. When the Forge spawned the “Indie Game Revolution”, I was very sceptical. I took my line pretty far – I called out steve_hix over his award of “Best GM” at … Continue reading

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Succession: Scenario Design Contest 2013

Last year I was kindly invited to assist Nick and Nasia with the flagship LARP, Achaean and that took my available time and energy, but this year I had no real excuses and cobbled something together based on my rather … Continue reading

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KapCon 20: Scenario Design Contest

[10/2/13: I wrote these detailed after-action reports for KapCon 20 and put them behind a firewall because I thought they were too difficult for publication. After 2 years, I feel like they are now distant enough that they can be … Continue reading

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Fright Night 4

One of the difficult things about recapping Fright Night is that the timetable is tight at both ends and the middle, so there isn’t all that much time to get a vibe from the overall con, at least compared to … Continue reading

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Scenario Design

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KapCon 19: Day 2

Round 4 – A World of Possibilities Another amazing player line-up. Susan Harper, Steve Hix, Liam Jones and Walter Hamer. I know Susan and Hix very well, Liam has a good rep, but I’d never heard of Walter. This group … Continue reading

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Spirit of the Tentacle: Tearing up New York City

Reposted from Gametime Pulp was not the first genre to play hard to get. Westerns have proved, if possible, even more difficult to run than Pulps. Both rely on a few key, but ultimately counter-intuitive, genre conventions. For Westerns, the … Continue reading

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