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[This was originally posted on Gametime, please post any comments there.] I was very excited when BubbleGumshoe was announced because it seemed like the first iteration of the game engine that would be about detection first and foremost. What was … Continue reading

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Conflict in Stargate & Stargate Atlantis

Morgue’s long study of seasons 1-3 of Buffy the Wampire Slayer provides a fairly clear set of methods they use for creating conflict, which I somewhat simply express as Myth-As-Metaphor: the ordinary concerns of life are horrifically recast into literally … Continue reading

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Equalizer [2014]

The Equalizer got a kicking from some critics and I couldn’t help feel some of them were upset that it was a “genre” outing. The opening gambit of the review in the Telegraph was to criticise its “threadbare plot, clichéd villains, … Continue reading

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True Detective [Season 1]

The attempts I’ve seen so far to engage with True Detective tend to try using a big prism of some kind. For example, when Ken and Robin talked about it a few weeks ago, Robin was interested in parsing it … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones and the Story-facing Character

In “Player-Facing Scenarios”, I discussed one approach to thinking about the interaction of story and character. I described an ideal, where it is not possible to disentangle the two in a meaningful way, and offered a few ways of thinking … Continue reading

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Justified [Season 1]

I was listening to an interview with Paul Thomas Anderson where he talked about the critical reception for The Master. He said there were some positive and some negative, but that what he appreciated about the response generally was that … Continue reading

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PodCast Roundup

One of the frequent topics of discussion amongst my peers is what PodCasts are worthwhile. What we each listen to and why. Please comment with any worthy PodCasts that I’ve not tried.

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