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Revisiting Blade Runner [1992 re-release]

I recently re-watched this in preparation for seeing Blade Runner 2049 (review forthcoming), and judging from my Facebook “news” feed, so have a lot of other people. I’ve been a little surprised to see a quite negative stream of commentary … Continue reading

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The Martian [2015]

I broadly enjoyed The Martian at least in part because until after I’d seen it, nobody described it as Robinson Crusoe In Space – there is actually a film literally named that, but I’ve never seen it. “Robinsonades” could be … Continue reading

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Prometheus [2012]

I have been a little surprised at the longevity of discussions around Prometheus. I thought it was eminently forgettable; my absolute favourite review so far is still from Xullrae: “ProMEHtheus”. As I keep hearing what a divisive and debate-provoking film … Continue reading

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KapCon 20 Preamble: The Matrix Has You

[10/2/13: I wrote these detailed after-action reports for KapCon 20 and put them behind a firewall because I thought they were too difficult for publication. After 2 years, I feel like they are now distant enough that they can be … Continue reading

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Robin Hood [2010]

Perhaps it was just my mindset, but it seemed a bit long and unfocused. The film never seemed to know quite what it was about, or at least it never seemed to interested in actually getting on with what it … Continue reading

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Blade Runner [1982]

Paul’s pre-game fixture was his choice of movie at the Lighthouse Cinema. From the vast selection (of 3 apparently) was chosen Blade Runner. I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet has seen this movie, we caught the last few last … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Heaven [2005]

Went to see the new Ridley Scott masterpiece today. My official rating line is it’s a mediocre excersise cloaked in money with occasional touches of class. Yes, I do talk a lot of wank. The film is a big budget … Continue reading

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