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12 Books of Christmas: The Profit

Robin Williams had a segment in one show about the questions of a toddler: a spiral of “why” that eventually just explodes in parental frustration. Welcome to life I suppose, because the argument for Agnosticism that I find most compelling … Continue reading

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RIPD [2013]

I liked what this film was trying to do, which was to build a portrait of a world-behind-the-world and bootleg the plot structure of a police procedural to create a story for that portrait. It’s not exactly new territory – … Continue reading

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The 12 Discs of Christmas, Louis and the Good Book

I’ve never really been quite able to describe myself as an atheist. It has just never really felt like a label that fit me, at least partially because it feels like a denial of my childhood. I was raised a … Continue reading

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Costume Changes

The other day I was walking through Ealing, seeing what was there, and I saw a very striking pair of young women walking arm-in-arm through the Broadway, talking and joking, out shopping perhaps. One was tall, with long black hair … Continue reading

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I think that as a species we’re a bit inclined to look back at our younger selves with something akin to contempt: how dumb we were, what mistakes we made, how poorly we expressed ourselves. Well, today I was casually … Continue reading

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Athiesm v. Agnosticism v. Godism

Like some others, I have spent some time as a recruiting agent for roleplaying as a hobby. These days I’m starting to get too snobby to be a really effective recruiter. I guess I’ve just spent enough time playing with … Continue reading

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An Encounter with Mormon Elders

Yesterday was a thinking-intensive day. After my somewhat longer-than-intended post in the morning we were visited by two bright young Mormons, who I dutifully entertained for an hour or so. You see, in order to “graduate” to being full members … Continue reading

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