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Kong: Skull Island [2017]

Kong: Skull Island is the kind of film they don’t make anymore: an unabashed pulp tale of spectacle, heroism, exoticism, and a giant frickin’ ape! Except that they still make tonnes of this kind of film; in fact, far, far, … Continue reading

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Victor Frankenstein [2015]

I’ve got to be honest: it’s been so long since I read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein that I can’t actually remember what happens in the novella as opposed to what’s been reconstituted in the myriad adaptations I’ve consumed since. There’s some … Continue reading

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A Princess of Mars [1917]

To read A Princess of Mars in the modern world is to be subject to a barrage of associations: Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Dr Grorbort and the rest. Tracking those explicitly or implicitly influenced by the Barsoon series encompasses a sizeable … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones and the Story-facing Character

In “Player-Facing Scenarios”, I discussed one approach to thinking about the interaction of story and character. I described an ideal, where it is not possible to disentangle the two in a meaningful way, and offered a few ways of thinking … Continue reading

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The Cheapest Possible

So far in my sputtering start to my MA, I’ve been thinking about Hammett primarily in the context of the detective story. That is to say, with Conan Doyle, Christie, Chandler, and those other jokers. But there is a second … Continue reading

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Murder From The East [1935]

Until very recently I’d never heard of Carroll John Daly; here’s how obscure he is: this post about his book Murder From The East is longer than his wikipedia entry. There are no peer-reviewed articles or books about him that … Continue reading

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Daring Tales

Savage Worlds fits into that category of games that are basically pulpy action-adventure, but don’t necessarily use the word “pulp” anywhere in or on the book. D6 is the same. It doesn’t fit absolutely perfectly, but it’s definitely a close … Continue reading

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