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Play Like A Protagonist

This was originally posted over at the Nightflyer, the Oxford RPG Society blog. Like most people engaged in our hobby, I move from playing games to running games and back again, a distinction increasingly blurred by the so-called “Indie” games that … Continue reading

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Learning to Roleplay

Reposted from Gametime

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A Thought Experiment

For the past couple of years grandexperiment has been pondering a problem simply expressed: how do you run character-focused campaign? Between us, I hate to think how many words we’ve spilled on this topic in various forums. Our blogs, gametime, … Continue reading

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Character v. Meta-plot/Narrative

This is the last, and in some ways most personally problematic, of my clearing-house posts. The idea is, as with Character v. Player, quite simple: that at times the demands of the character and the meta-plot are in conflict. Moreover, … Continue reading

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Inverting the problem: Playing in Roleplaying Games

You know, the bulk of roleplaying discussion falls into only a few different categories. Most common seems to be misty-eyed nostalgia, people rambling about games they’ve played and things their characters have achieved. Also popular are discussions of what I … Continue reading

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The Interactions between Plot and Character in Roleplaying Games

I have been complaining for some time that I am bored with Fantasy roleplaying. I find that almost universally I encounter the same old tropes. Dungeon magazine had a utilitarian bit of advice on this to eliminate printing redundant material. … Continue reading

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