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The Circle [2017]

Often when I read a negative review about a film, I’ll eventually come to the conclusion that the reviewer brought their own agenda to the review rather than coldly evaluating the work in its own terms. How valid that is … Continue reading

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12 Books of Christmas: Simulation and Simulacra

Recently I have become fascinated by the “Red Pill” movement and the “Alt-Right” – which is to say, almost Orwellian-newspeak terminology for misogyny and racism. There’s an awful lot of that going on at the moment, and I think everyone … Continue reading

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The Life, Death and Afterlife of Buildings

There is a conscious effort being made in Wellington, and I’m sure other Colonial Cities ™, to build a sense of historical continuity by designating certain areas and certain buildings as “heritage”. I think civil authorities like the Wellington City Council … Continue reading

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Conflict in Stargate & Stargate Atlantis

Morgue’s long study of seasons 1-3 of Buffy the Wampire Slayer provides a fairly clear set of methods they use for creating conflict, which I somewhat simply express as Myth-As-Metaphor: the ordinary concerns of life are horrifically recast into literally … Continue reading

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Mission Impossible II [2000]

I was recently bed-ridden with illness for a few days and lacking the capacity for anything useful I re-watched the Mission: Impossible films available on Netflix (1, 2, 4). Each of them is interesting in their way, but this time … Continue reading

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Neuromancer, Day 4: Beyond Simulation

Man is the measure of all things. This is because Man does the measuring. When we try and imagine a conception of reality beyond our mortal ken, we naturally run into problems. Putting yourself in the… shoes… of an n-dimensional … Continue reading

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Baudrillard and the Matrix

Baudrillard argues that as a species and individuals, mankind has lost touch with reality. This is most easily observed, I think, on the grand scale of international finance, where money once meant a physical good that could be empirically quantified, … Continue reading

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The Recession of Simulacra

Baudrillard wrote a lot of interesting things, but the one which sticks with me is his Precession of Simulacra. I have posted about this at length elsewhere, so I’ll try to just repeat the key idea, which is that our … Continue reading

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Getting civilised

Recently I bought Civ for the iPad, because I remember fondly playing Civ 2 back in high school, an unmentionable time ago. I have now had it for a couple of months, long enough to win the game as each … Continue reading

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In my presentation the other day I dropped in a reference to my old drinking pal Baudrillard. What I argued was that in “Fair Play” murder mysteries, there is a disconnection between the criminal act and the criminal reality. The … Continue reading

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