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[This was originally posted on Gametime, please post any comments there.] I was very excited when BubbleGumshoe was announced because it seemed like the first iteration of the game engine that would be about detection first and foremost. What was … Continue reading

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Getting Specific About Scenario Design

If you want to understand the process of creation, you can do worse than to think about Harold Bloom’s famous book The Anxiety of Influence. The central thesis of the text is that strong imaginative forces deliberately distort and misread their … Continue reading

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TimeWatch Preview

In my review of Looper, I opined that the core problem with Time Travel narratives was “that there is a kind of fundamental loss of human agency inherent in the premise unless you allow paradoxes”. The ability for events to … Continue reading

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Player Facing Scenarios

This was originally published on Gametime: an outpost for NZ RPG thought. When the Forge spawned the “Indie Game Revolution”, I was very sceptical. I took my line pretty far – I called out steve_hix over his award of “Best GM” at … Continue reading

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I was idly browsing the forums at Pelgrane Press, when I came upon a quite interesting statement about the relationship between procedural storytelling and noir: JustinF: I had been thinking of Noir primarily in terms of procedural investigation, but I … Continue reading

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