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KapCon Round 1 – Precinct ’77

Warning Label:I’m reviewing the KapCon games I played in some detail. There will be spoilers that make it impossible to play the game, and I will be naming names of people I played with and things I both liked and … Continue reading

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Last night gathered , and myself together for a one-session trail of Agon. I bought it a while back – I’m actually not too sure when. Some-time after Mike finished playing it I think, and sometime before now. I bought … Continue reading

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KapCon 19: Day 2

Round 4 – A World of Possibilities Another amazing player line-up. Susan Harper, Steve Hix, Liam Jones and Walter Hamer. I know Susan and Hix very well, Liam has a good rep, but I’d never heard of Walter. This group … Continue reading

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Daring Tales

Savage Worlds fits into that category of games that are basically pulpy action-adventure, but don’t necessarily use the word “pulp” anywhere in or on the book. D6 is the same. It doesn’t fit absolutely perfectly, but it’s definitely a close … Continue reading

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