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KapCon Round 3.5 – Hard Time

Warning Label:I’m reviewing the KapCon games I played in some detail. There will be spoilers that make it impossible to play the game, and I will be naming names of people I played with and things I both liked and … Continue reading

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KapCon 2012

Generally this year was an improvement over last year, but realistically that’s really because of the writing process for the LARP, which could not have been improved on. KapCon itself benefited hugely from the spill-over of the LARP writing. Nick … Continue reading

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KapCon 20 Round 1: Hopes and Expectations

[10/2/13: I wrote these detailed after-action reports for KapCon 20 and put them behind a firewall because I thought they were too difficult for publication. After 2 years, I feel like they are now distant enough that they can be … Continue reading

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CONfusion 8

Mr Mouse’s AAR Dale’s AAR

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The Same Page

On one point and I are in pretty much total agreement. And it’s a notion that’s simply expressed and doesn’t seem to be easily opposed. Games are better when all the players are on the same page creatively. I don’t … Continue reading

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The Undiscovered Country

Reposted from Gametime Your character will die. Despite your best efforts and your carefully hoarded Fate Points, sooner or later, your character will die. Seriously. Be it to a lucky swing from a goblin, or a bolt through your eye … Continue reading

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Return to KapCon

How could I not join the torrent of posts both here and on http://www.NZRAG.com about KapCon? It was fun. Anything more need saying? 😉 I last went to a KapCon in ’99 or so, having attended the previous 5 (I … Continue reading

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