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Revisiting Blade Runner [1992 re-release]

I recently re-watched this in preparation for seeing Blade Runner 2049 (review forthcoming), and judging from my Facebook “news” feed, so have a lot of other people. I’ve been a little surprised to see a quite negative stream of commentary … Continue reading

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Dredd [2012]

If you only see one desperate room-by-room survival fight through a massive office building filled with enemies, go see The Raid. If you see two, consider Dredd. There’s no doubt in my mind that if The Raid didn’t exist, or … Continue reading

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Blackhat [2015]

Michael Mann’s cinematography conveys a dark and turbulent world with a murky morality and a stylish sensibility; his characters are melancholy and never quite comfortable in the world they inhabit. Everything is done with a straight face, especially the snippets … Continue reading

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Ex Machina [2014]

The surface of this film is about a young programmer trying to decide whether a robot has fully-fledged Artificial Intelligence, or whether it is merely a cunning simulacrum. This intelligence has been housed in an odd body – a beautiful face, … Continue reading

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Niche Protection

I have recently backed Hamish Cameron’s new *World game, The Sprawl. It’s a game that will fill an infrequently-used niche in my gaming regime: Cyberpunk. Combined with the other games in the *World suite, The Sprawl is getting me closer to … Continue reading

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Neuromancer, Day 5: … and he never saw Molly again.

When someone disagrees with me about detectives, I can be fairly sure that it’s due to a difference in interpretive effort and emphasis, rather than due to a factual error on my part. I’m less confident in my knowledge of … Continue reading

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Neuromancer, Day 4: Beyond Simulation

Man is the measure of all things. This is because Man does the measuring. When we try and imagine a conception of reality beyond our mortal ken, we naturally run into problems. Putting yourself in the… shoes… of an n-dimensional … Continue reading

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