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Tramps [2016]

This is a quintessentially “Indie” film, shot with hand-held cameras partially guerrilla style about a couple of young characters having an adventure that doesn’t exactly add up to very much. Like most such films, it relies on a script that’s a … Continue reading

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Fast and Furious 7 [2015] – Part 2

In Part 1 I wrote about things that caught my eye, but which weren’t really the central chasis of the story. In this part, it’s time to tackle the real meaning of Christmas: Jason Statham. Action movies are built on … Continue reading

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Fast and Furious 7 [2015]

I watched the first film when it was a new release on DVD, and I caught the first 20 minutes of Tokyo Drift on a plane when it was a new-ish release, and otherwise I was going into this cold. I … Continue reading

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Niche Protection

I have recently backed Hamish Cameron’s new *World game, The Sprawl. It’s a game that will fill an infrequently-used niche in my gaming regime: Cyberpunk. Combined with the other games in the *World suite, The Sprawl is getting me closer to … Continue reading

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Neuromancer, Day 3: Once Upon A Time In A Dystopian Future…

When discussing a genre, it’s grand to espouse a kind of global theory. Crime fiction is about the enforcement of social norms. Tragedy is about the failure of human agency. Fantasy is about trudging. Cyberpunk is about systems of control, … Continue reading

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American Hustle [2013]

The majority of the reviews I’ve read for American Hustle focus on it as an “actor’s movie”, and David O Russell is lauded as a director that can get great performances out of his actors. In particular, Jennifer Lawrence has been … Continue reading

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Pre-American Hustle

One of the satisfactions of the crime caper “genre” is that the writer of the crime caper has quite a few more story options than some other genres. In some ways, it’s a meta-genre like the Western or Science Fiction, … Continue reading

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