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Some thoughts on Museums

In my life, I have had two concentrated periods of visiting museums. The first was around the end of 2004 when I first tried not being an engineer. I visited my parents in the UK, and for a couple of … Continue reading

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Writing the Phaistos Essay

It’s almost inevitable that when you write a general purpose piece about theory, or cars, or sunsets, someone else has written a similar piece and probably better. There is however, one area where you cannot be gainsaid, or outbid, and … Continue reading

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Having blathered about it for months, complained bitterly, cried myself to sleep… I have decided to post my essay here for the edification of the select few. I don’t expect anyone except sassafrassle to actually read this, but if you … Continue reading

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The Oresteia

I realized today tht it’s been a long time since I talked about design philosophy. I’ve been offering some guidance on some structural analysis software for earthquake design to two colleagues over the past few days. Whenever embarking on the … Continue reading

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Family in Classical Athens

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Differences in approach between English and Classics

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Important Figures in Classical Antiquity

I have been thinking about the nature of “big men” in ancient times? The two periods of interest to me in my essay are the Homeric times of 1200 odd BC as represented by Homer in the 8th century and … Continue reading

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