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Kong: Skull Island [2017]

Kong: Skull Island is the kind of film they don’t make anymore: an unabashed pulp tale of spectacle, heroism, exoticism, and a giant frickin’ ape! Except that they still make tonnes of this kind of film; in fact, far, far, … Continue reading

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The 12 Discs of Christmas, Chicago

When I was about 14 my family moved from Auckland to Wellington, and in the first few months that we were back, before school had started, I had a certain amount of free time – no homework, only a handful … Continue reading

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The 12 Discs of Christmas, Blood on the Tracks

I came to like Bob Dylan somewhat reluctantly. I’d always been of the view that his was a genius best experienced through interpretation, of which there is no shortage. I grew up with Jimi Hendrix’ redefinition of “All Along the Watchtower”, … Continue reading

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Network [1979]

Look, it’s hard not to love a film where the central pivotal sequence is a respected news personality, drenched, in his pyjamas, goes on air and explains that he doesn’t understand the problems of the world, before enjoining the viewers … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula [1978]

I love alternate-reality stories. My favourite Buffy episodes are a double-bill of “The Wish” and “Dopplegangland”, my favourite original Star Trek episode is “Mirror, Mirror”. Once the tropes of a setting are established, it is fascinating to look at “what if?” … Continue reading

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The Shorter Goodbye

When you sit down to think about a film which is a screen adaptation of a novel you need to think carefully about the interaction between the versions. In some ways it doesn’t matter which came first, because they can … Continue reading

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The Long Goodbye [1973]

I’m something like half way through Chandler’s works and handily and he provides his own criteria for thinking about his work; an essay called The Simple Art of Murder. He makes a number of very good points in the essay … Continue reading

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