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Best Picture Oscar: Fences [2016]

Troy Maxson is a working class man just about to hit his declining years. He is gripped by a sense of discontentment that’s mirrored by each member of his family. As an absolute patriarch he clashes with his family over … Continue reading

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Live and Let Die [1954]

The James Bond we meet at the start of Live and Let Die is not quite the same man we left at the end of Casino Royale. The Bond in Casino Royale was a gambler happy to take a 50/50 split, who … Continue reading

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Casino Royale [1953]

Last year I wasn’t too kind about the most recent James Bond film, Spectre, and a couple of years has eroded the mildly positive feelings I had about Skyfall, and before that I didn’t like Question of Sport much at all, but … Continue reading

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Hail, Caesar! [2016]

As this is a by-request, it’s straight into spoilers. Love the Golden Age of Hollywood? Go see. Otherwise, pass. Hamish asks: If you write a full review on your blog, could you consider the apparent lack of conflict in the … Continue reading

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The 12 Discs of Christmas, Louis and the Good Book

I’ve never really been quite able to describe myself as an atheist. It has just never really felt like a label that fit me, at least partially because it feels like a denial of my childhood. I was raised a … Continue reading

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On The Road [1957]

I don’t read a lot of autobiographies. Or fictionalized life re-tellings. Some I enjoy, but mostly they either bore the pants off me, or they make me feel like I’m somehow wasting my life. Even stories like On the Road … Continue reading

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Touch of Evil [1958]

Finished watching Touch of Evil today.. it is one of the great Noir movies which had somehow escaped my attention previously. I have many profound thoughts on it, but they’re mostly critical. Generally, it pulled punches where a modern movie wouldn’t, … Continue reading

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