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The Once and Future James Bond

James Bond was an important character to me when I was young. My first memory of Bond is watching Thunderball at my Grandparents’ farm, I was around 7 or 8. I watched it within a few days of watching Chuck … Continue reading

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Best and Worst films of 2017

It’s been a quiet year for me this year for a combination of reasons: uptick in social things and ultimate, watching a huge number of films for school, and perhaps being a bit pickier when forking over my $10 (Reading) … Continue reading

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi [2017]

Given the sensitivity around films of this scale, everything is behind the screen.

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Hancock [2008]

Iron Man [2008] was effectively where the modern Super Hero film kicked off, and with it came a certain kind of super-hero story design that I think has found its way into a relatively dead end, and for which I … Continue reading

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Revisiting Blade Runner [1992 re-release]

I recently re-watched this in preparation for seeing Blade Runner 2049 (review forthcoming), and judging from my Facebook “news” feed, so have a lot of other people. I’ve been a little surprised to see a quite negative stream of commentary … Continue reading

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An Emotional Response to Lucifer [Episodes 1-3]

Occasionally one encounters a piece of fiction so staggeringly ill-judged as to transgress the border of the misanthropic, the production of which in any civilised society would be an actual crime. I can’t say for certain that Lucifer taken as … Continue reading

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Man with a Movie Camera [1929]

For my studies this year, I’ve watched in the order of 50 films, and the best of them is probably a 1929 silent pseudo-documentary called Man with a Movie Camera. It was made by a guy who got his start … Continue reading

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