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The paradox of political correctness

I’m on Twitter, and I follow a number of fairly radical left-wing agitators, who I really only realised were agitators fairly recently. I blame Anita Sarkeesian in a way, because I found a few of them through her Feminist Frequency platform, but … Continue reading

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The Highwaymen [2019]

In some of his junket interviews, Kevin Costner has described this film as a Western, joining other recent Westerns like Hell or High Water in a kind of genre revival that’s really an identification that’s probably more interesting than either of … Continue reading

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Upgrade [2018] & Polar [2019]

I have twice recently sat down to enjoy a bit of mindless violence in which a Man on a Mission stomps his way through a succession of challenges and obstacles to get some stuff done. It’s the ultra-violent Hero’s Journey … Continue reading

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Films of 2018

This year I’ve seen fewer films than any year for quite a while – 32, which is significantly down from last year’s previous “new low” of 48. You may need to go back to my mid-20s to find such a … Continue reading

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The Spy Who Dumped Me [2018]

Just a foreword here that since I think few people will have seen this film at the time I’m publishing the review, I’ve tried to keep it spoiler-lite. I talk about one specific set-piece that occurs early in the film, … Continue reading

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Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado [2018]

When Day of the Soldado was announced I had much the same response as I often do to sequels and prequels: scepticism. This felt, if not quite as pointless as Solo, fairly superfluous, especially when the announcement made clear that the … Continue reading

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X-Films: Confessions of a Radical Film Maker [2008]

Alex Cox came to my attention when I picked up Alex Cox’s Film 101, which is a compilation of his lecture notes from a guest course he taught. His introduction to film was very idiosyncratic, representing his own experience as … Continue reading

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