Planetarium [2016]

Set in the late 1930s, it is a snapshot in the life of a pair of American sisters and their encounter with the French film industry. It touches on film-making, on the role of the spirit medium, of the lifestyle of the rich and famous in 1930s Paris, the transient nature of love, and the effects of loss.

I think this film could most fairly be called a melange of interesting elements – that unfortunately doesn’t coalesce into something complete and interesting. I think the most interesting threat wasn’t the heroines, but the story of their patron and benefactor, a Polish Jew whose career suffers reversals as a result of his reliance on the sisters’ psychic abilities in confluence with a groundswell of anti-semitic sentiment pre-WWII.

This is one of those very frustrating films where the screenplay is packed full of interesting nuggets, where it seems like just one more draft with some little greater narrative thrust could have resulted in a very good film.

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