Paris Can Wait [2016]

I think the amount you like this will be proportional to how much naivety you can conjure because a cynic will really struggle with this film. The cynical view would be that this film captures the fringes of ennui on a road trip by the obscenely wealthy. But if instead you allow yourself to buy into the characters and the premise, it will emerge as a charming tale about one of those moments in your life where you can be free of the strictures you build in order to get through the day to day. Accepting it in that mode, the characters and scenario have a lot of charm and present an idyllic and gentle exploration of a charming road-trip. I myself chose to let it charm me, to enjoy the gentle good humour of the characters and I let myself empathise with their exploration of each other.

I may be damning it with faint praise, but this film was a perfectly pleasant way to pass the time, and as I always say, if you want more films by female directors with female stars, cough up the cash and take a chance. No male director I can think of could, or would, have made this film.

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