Tramps [2016]

This is a quintessentially “Indie” film, shot with hand-held cameras partially guerrilla style about a couple of young characters having an adventure that doesn’t exactly add up to very much. Like most such films, it relies on a script that’s a bit better than the production budget should allow, likeable leads with great chemistry, and a bit of audience buy-in. Meet those constraints, and it’s a film that will delight and entertain, even if I can’t imagine it sticking in the memory for long. One of the couples discussing the film on the way out described it as a perfect Indie Film, and that is about right.

What I will do, though, is posit that the female lead [Grace van Patten] is poised for bigger and better things. Everything’s got to do with connections and luck, and this is no kind of break-through role in terms of heft or class – but I hope some wily casting director out there gives her that shot and I don’t think they’ll regret it if they do.

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