An Insignificant Man [2016]

India is a place I know appallingly little about, which is mainly why I chose this documentary in my festival schedule. This film follows the political career of Arvind Kejriwal, an anti-corruption reformed in Delhi. I felt like I learned an awful lot about Delhi and the day-to-day things that matter, and the broad-strokes shape of the political scene in Delhi province. As with the other two documentaries I’d already seen, this film completely eschewed inserts and voice-overs to try and let events stand for themselves, and that more-or-less worked… but the myopic focus on one man meant that it was not easy to appreciate what the political system is and what his motivation was. I didn’t understand at all what the form or extent of the corruption he was fighting was, though I can make an imaginative leap. Nor did I really get a sense of an articulated holistic political position – maybe that was point, that this was more of a personality cult. Ultimately, I feel like I learned a lot, but I left with more questions than I arrived with. As a method of provoking thought, this was very successful.

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