Social Networks

When I signed up for LiveJournal back in 2004, it was because many of my real-life friends were on it, and apparently having a grand time posting about their lives and arranging events and sharing interesting thoughts. It was a real smorgasbord of tools; some people used it literally as a journal, some as a platform for blogging, some for short personal status updates, some as a platform for discussions, some for sharing links and photos, Mike Foster even ran an Internet-based gameshow. Probably people still do all of these things, but there are an increasing number of more specialist online tools for different uses.

The biggest encroachment into LiveJournal’s social space has definitely come from facebook, and there are good reasons for that. LiveJournal has always been based around the concept of a small circle of friends, while facebook is based around the concept of building the widest social network that you can handle. I have spent some time thinking about the different ways in which one connects with people via these Social Networks, and I summarize the places I have a presence below:

LiveJournal will continue to be updated with things that are personal to me.

WordPress will hold my thoughts on the wider world, especially my continuing thinking about narrative structures. Over the course of the year I have ported across almost all of the “intellectual” content from LJ.

Facebook has effectively become my primary socialisation platform: events and “status updates”, which mostly means complaining when I can’t sleep and linking to my two blogs above. (though we will need to be Facebook friends for you to see that page)

Google plus has not yet established a really firm use in my mind. I have tended to post esoteric and ephemeral stuff here, like chatter about frisbee games and disposable comments on TV or movies.

LinkedIn is another social network whose precise use is not clear to me. It’s supposed to be the Facebook of my professional life, but so far nothing interesting has happened to me there.

Twitter has not yet found a place in my scheme of things. Most of what I think I’d be interested in seems to get fed into Facebook. I am also not on tumblr or Pinterest or Flickr.

I am also sometimes present on two RPG discussion sites, though I have become more-or-less a lurker on both.


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