Cabin In The Woods [2012]

Given that virtually every geek in Wellington was at the 10:15 screening of Cabin In The Woods last night, I expect there will be a buzz of discussion which goes something like this…

“Gee, wasn’t it great, properly scary?”
“Yes, and it was so funny! That Joss Whedon, he sure understands how to mix horror and comedy without detracting from either”
“And meta-textual! It understands all the conventions of the genre and assumes its audience is similarly literate.”
“Oh, how those specific genre stereotypes were undermined while reinforcing the ideological construct which spawned them!”
“Indeed! I miss Buffy :(”

If you’re in my basic demographic, which is a broadly horror-enjoying cine-literate, this is the film for you. What I’m a bit less sure about is who else will actually enjoy this movie. One of the common themes in the post-movie chat last night was: why was this shelved for so long? Well, because while “my kind” is increasingly common, I can’t see a mainstream audience really getting it or getting into it. It’s just never going to hit the broad-based appeal of an “Avengers Assemble”, which we all know is the reason this movie got a cinematic release at all.

In particular, I think an audience not inducted into the Whedonesque psychology will find the naked scaffolding of the meta-textual commentary difficult to appreciate as ironic. Any example I could cite would be a huge spoiler, but expect another post on this when the DVD arrives at my house and I feel unconstrained by such considerations.

I think I will probably try and hit the second NZFF screening of this too, on Tuesday at 4:15.

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5 Responses to Cabin In The Woods [2012]

  1. tog42 says:

    I just made my own post and then saw yours. I guess I’ll see you on Tuesday then 🙂

  2. tog42 says:

    I just made my own post and then saw yours. I guess I’ll see you on Tuesday then 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really want to see it, and I don’t even watch horror. (sf/fantasy violence, i.e. creature features like the Alien films – no problemo. People killing people, nonono.) I will even brave the gore because I have heard so many good things about it.

    I miss Buffy.

  4. tog42 says:

    Another chance for those who missed it, an extra screening has been added on Friday at 22:45 at the Embassy Theatre.

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