The Wire

While I’ve been sick these past few days I’ve been watching movies and TV, and yesterday I decided to watch an episode of The Wire. It’s actually almost better the second time around, there’s a lot of little detail I missed the first time. I’ve been finding myself gripped by the drama and putting on each new episode without delay.

I have recommended this show to a lot of people, and re-watching it, I think i’m going out to find more people to recommend it to.

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3 Responses to The Wire

  1. milites says:

    I bought the first season on DVD because it was recommended to me, but after about 4 episodes gave up.

    It just depressed the shit out of me. Especially the counterpoint between the drug dealing violent “criminals”, and the drunk-driving, violent police officers.

    • mashugenah says:

      I’ve got some sympathy for that argument – I’ve given up on other artworks for the same reasons. It’s a main reason why I don’t read much modern “literature”, and certainly avoid “post-colonial literature” as much as possible – which is quite a lot. In the case of The Wire, I got through because in the end I could believe in and care about a sufficient number of the characters to hope for their success and redemption. I can’t in good conscience say that it gets better either – the final couple of episodes are collectively one of the most massive downers I’ve ever experienced in literature. It does make the handful of real victories seem incredibly sweet, but they’re very much the cherry on top of a shit pie.

  2. tog42 says:

    I’m extremely grateful you recommended this series and lent me the DVDs. It is a superb show, and as I’ve mentioned to you before, I knew I was going to love it from the very first scene. I think that first scene is a good acid test for the series; if the discussion of Snot Boogie doesn’t immediately make you want to see the next scene the show likely isn’t for you.

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