Modern Times

So, in February 2007, Ivan recommended Dylan’s Modern Times, which I have finally gotten around to buying and listening to a couple of times over the past month. It’s probably the only Dylan album that has contentedly warbled its way entirely through on the first listen without me getting annoyed at something and skipping a track, if not abandoning the entire thing. Which makes it… inoffensive? It’s an easy melodic listen, where Dylan’s mellow tones drift along with the melody, to the point where I have to actually focus on it to pick out the words.

I’m not sure that’s really what I want from a Dylan album. I think that generally speaking, Dylan is in that category of musicians where the first few listens will never give you everything that’s to be had. Sadly though, I also think that without some immediately compelling part to inspire me to hit “play” it seems unlikely I’m going to get round to putting in that time.

For now then, Blood on the Tracks, remains my Dylan high water mark.

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3 Responses to Modern Times

  1. Anonymous says:

    Modern Times certainly doesn’t stack up against Blood on the Tracks. I do like it, but I wouldn’t say it’s even the best ‘modern’ Dylan, and I’m not sure why I would have recommended it over, say, Love and Theft. Unless you saw it lying around and specifically asked “is it any good?” Oh well — sorry for the bum steer. –Ivan

    • mashugenah says:

      Not exactly a bum steer, just not as good as I was hoping. 🙂 I think that even if it were terrible, that wouldn’t overturn your otherwise decent record. 🙂

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