True Grit [2010]

I’m not too sure what to say about this. It’s very very good. The dialogue rips along, the plot is story heavy and exposition light, the acting is believable and engaging, the cinematography is beautiful. It’s just very very good. And Hailee Steinfeld really has the screen presence that people have been talking about: an amazing performance.

So, um, yeah: wish I’d seen this earlier, glad I managed to catch one of the last screenings in a cinema (which was, BTW, about 3/4 full), will definitely be buying on DVD.

(Okay, doubtless I will have something to say about this later that makes me sound like less of a fanboy, possibly something about how extraneous the epilogue was. But for now, just take my undiluted praise and bear in mind that if there was anything bad to say, I’d be saying it.)

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4 Responses to True Grit [2010]

  1. xanomon says:

    I also enjoyed True Grit a lot. I saw it a couple of months ago.
    I also watched the original John Wayne version recently, which was also fun, It was interesting to compare and contrast as both movies hit the same story beats in similar fashions.

  2. demonground says:

    The acting in the remake is fantastic, but I’m not sure I liked it as much as the original. Then again the John Wayne version was one of my first introductions to good westerns that didn’t involve Clint Eastwood (and about the same time I really discovered Hitchcock).

  3. Anonymous says:

    I saw it in a cinema in Austin, Texas. It certainly added an extra level to the experience – a Texas Ranger means something to Texans and raised a small laugh…

    ’tis a very good film.

  4. It’s quite true to the book, which I also enjoyed. In fact, it made me buy a Kindle and start reading fiction again.

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