Primer [2004]

My impression is that this is a massively impressive film in terms of quality for the amount it cost. The acting and direction is basic but decent, and the script tries very hard to sound real. I also very much liked their concept for the time machine and how it could operate.

Slightly unfortunately, I think that it wants to be a lot cleverer than it is, which is mostly unfortunate because it is actually pretty clever to start with. Where the cleverness falls down is just in the 3rd quarter, where I think the creative vision of the implications of the machine can’t quite be realized in detail. I actually think that this is one of the very few movies that could have benefited from another 20 minutes somewhere, to establish the reference points for their time loop a bit more clearly.

Still, I liked it. It was a perfectly good use of 70-odd minutes and 10 pounds.

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