The Matrix [1999]

I watched this again the other night. There’s always a slight risk with such massively popular and influential movies that they’ll fade with time. Especially with movies with such a strong “gimmick”.

I have to say though, that I enjoyed this movie just as much this time around as previously. It is just so carefully and well made. And I was struck again that at the end, the nominal stories are all tied up, but you’re left with an enormous sense of potential – like this is just the beginning of the awesome.

Too bad they never made any sequels.

So it appears it’s on the list of movies that I have yet to get tired of watching – sure, I don’t watch these all the time, but I have watched them sufficient that I should be tired of them…

Training Day
The Mummy Returns
LA Confidential
The Usual Suspects
The Maltese Falcon


The Matrix

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5 Responses to The Matrix [1999]

  1. Mummy Returns but not Mummy…interesting.

    For me, 13th Warrior is a movie that I never seem to get tired of watching.

    • mashugenah says:

      Yeah, the list is not intensely rational. 🙂

      I liked the original Mummy – it’s a great movie. But I really feel like for the sequel they just let go and ran with the crazy, and that worked out really well. 🙂 Plus it’s one of the 2 movies I can think of with a major child role that I don’t find annoying. (The other being the Sixth Sense).

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