True Blood [Season 2]

Now that season 1 has established everything, I found Season 2 significantly better than Season 1.

Main comment would be that I really can’t get a read on Jason Stackhouse. He’s the story everyman, pliable and rolling with the wind: whatever crazy thing the writers feel like exploring each week. He’s almost fae in his inability to settle down and engage with the world around him.

Also still finding Sookie a bit pathetic.

Godric was cool.

I am starting to like Eric a bit more; but Lafayette is still IMHO the strongest character in the show.

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3 Responses to True Blood [Season 2]

  1. catnona says:

    Agree on all points!

  2. mundens says:

    “He’s almost fae…”

    It’s a bit of a spoiler from the books, I guess, and it hasn’t been made explicit in the TV series as yet, but you got it in one!

    It’s great that the show managed to get that idea across to you without hitting people over the head with it.

    Have to agree about Lafayette, but it’s a bit of a shame he’s so broken after the Eric experience.

    • jarratt_gray says:

      Re: “He’s almost fae…”

      Have to agree about Lafayette, but it’s a bit of a shame he’s so broken after the Eric experience.

      But isn’t that one of the great things about Lafayette. His story arc in season 2 was pretty interesting, and you really felt for him in ways you might not feel for other characters. I think it just makes him more interesting.

      Also still finding Sookie a bit pathetic.

      You know one of the things that irks me is that the books as a series are “the Southern Mystery novels”, which while I think, certainly for the first novel, there is a mystery the story is not told as a mystery. I haven’t actually read the novel, but it translates into the show.

      Sookie is not the driving force of her own story, other than the romantic vampire angle. The story has a mystery, one that needs to be solved, but Sookie who is the protagonist never attempts to solve it until the very end of the series.

      Sookie doesn’t actually annoy me, and in the show this doesn’t really bother me either, but it irks me that these are touted as mysteries when clearly they are not.

      In the 2nd season Sookie is asked to be an investigator, but in the context of the show, she is an investigator of a plot we already know the answer to.

      FWIW I found the Maryanne storyline to be pretty annoying. I liked the ending, but thought the Godric/Church story far more interesting. I’m glad there won’t be any Maryanne in season 3, so I hope it can have a more consistent story like season 1 rather than several wayward stories like season 2. I believe the book is kind of like that except being that it is all told from Sookie’s POV it starts with one story and finishes with another. At least the tv show was building the Maryanne story in the background. I just wasn’t that interested in it.

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