True Blood [Season 1]

A lot of my friends have already seen this – I hope therefore there are no real spoilers, but just in case:

Whenever watching, I find myself comparing this show to the Anita Blake novels. There are a huge number of parallels, from the southern setting, to the naive protagonist with powers, to the love triangle, to the graphic sex…

On the whole, I enjoyed the first season, but weirdly feel very little connection to any of the characters. Any terrible thing could happen to almost any of them, and I’d be interested but not affected. I find Sookie herself annoying. She is fairly silly, fairly naive and quite passive: she is not much of an agent in her own story. I don’t really like Bill either – he reads like a caricature to me a lot of the time. Probably the only character who has much of my interest would be Lafayette, though I think Eric has an impressive presence and summarizes the image of vampires perfectly.

There are some little structural things which annoy me. I can’t help but feel the mechanisms of plot need are virtually naked – particularly with Jason Stackhouse. Watching the different events unfolding around him, it seems virtually like the writers simply think each week “how can we most easily mess with this character” and then do exactly that. There’s a nagging feeling that his story does not “flow organically” but feels constructed.

Actually, the whole setting feels very dense – there’s an awful lot of coincidence and close interaction that doesn’t always sit too well. The setting seems too small for all the story it tries to contain.

More than anything though, the show reminds me overwhelmingly of V:TM; and IMHO, it’s a good version of that world. It has definitely been prompting a desire to dip my toe back into that long-dead gaming interest. So I’m having fun, and I’ll watch season 2. But I can’t see myself re-watching it, or rushing out to buy either the books on which it is based or the DVDs.

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5 Responses to True Blood [Season 1]

  1. nishatalitha says:

    The books are fluff, and should you ever have a desire to read them, owns them and I’m sure she’d be happy to lend them out. I gave up on the books after 4 or 5 and still haven’t gotten around to watching the show.

    I imagine the things that frustrated me about the books will be worse in the show.

  2. mundens says:

    Eric is luffly. We all want him.
    Wait till he shows off for the children in season 2. 🙂

    But his sire is luflier.

    The denseness and coincidence hasn’t been properly explained in the TV show yet, but in the books, I’m told that there is more explanation. You get a hint of it in the second series, listen carefully when Bill goes to visit The Queen. 🙂

    You’re right, it does V:TM better than V:TM did.

    • adrexia says:

      Godric is my favourite character ever.

      I think I had frustrations with the first series, but they have gone now that I have seen the second.

  3. sassafrassle says:

    The books are quite different to the tv show but I find Bill annoying in both personally (I think the portrayal of his character seems to me to be the most fundamental of differences between the two and it irritates me). I think I enjoyed the tv show more than the books too because I found the books less entertaining than the other supernatural-ish chick lit that I’ve read:)

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