House [Season 6]

For various reasons I wasn’t at Ultimate on Tuesday, so I found myself in a moment of nostalgia turning on House Season 6.

Turns out – House is actually crazy. As in committed to a mental asylum. About time really. The premise of the double-episode is House coming to terms with this, slowly recovering and developing the ability to relate to other human beings.

He goes through some iterations of devious schemes to convince them he’s sane before knuckling under and reforming.

Which means, I expect, that the people he’s really fooling are the audience. To think that the writers would allow the essential dynamic of the show to change is laughable. You’d need to be either very optimistic or very simple to buy into their ploy. My bet is that within 3 episodes it’s essentially business as usual – I’m prepared to put money on it.

And that is why I hardly watch any TV.

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2 Responses to House [Season 6]

  1. debzter says:

    I refer to the double-length premiere as ‘One sharp jumped over the cuckoo’s nest’. It annoyed the heck out of me because a)they ripped off every other character and plotline in that episode of a far superior book and its movie adaptation (only in a irritatingly cheesy smurfy made-for-TV movie way) b) completely trivalised mental illness and its treatment. I mean give a mute a music box and because it’s a metaphor for her voice as a musician she magically starts to get better? And visitors having sex with inmates?

    From memory, it takes less than one episode for them to hit the reset button and get House back at the hospital doing his thing. Frankly, I was relieved. While I like TV shows changing their play and developing characters that’s only when it’s done well. If that premiere episode was them trying to seriously deal with House’s problems, they should never, ever attempt to do that again. In fact, the fact that after that episode season 6 pretty much returned to the old House formula (heck, he even gets his original team back) is probably a good thing IMHO. It’s a show that is best when House is mean, jaded and actually diagnosing patients with rare conditions. Their attempts to deal with real ‘issues’ such as suicide and addiction have not impressed me.

  2. mattcowens says:

    One Shark Jumped Over the Cuckoo’s Nest indeed.

    I liked the drift in Season 5 of House getting increasingly mad – it worked for me as a season arc.

    House getting over his addiction and mental problems and miraculously curing others as an arc for a double episode was very silly. The later stuff in the mid-season about him dealing with the consequences of his prior behaviour and general life approach has been good, and they needed to move the character forward to get to it, but it was pretty ham-fisted stuff at the start of the season…

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