I can’t quite resolve whether I think this is a great show, or no better than a Mills-and-Boon bodice ripper.

In season 1, they took some characters in less-than-stable places in their lives and really pushed the situations reasonably hard. The characters don’t exactly change as people don’t exactly change; but they are forced to confront the choices they make and the situations in their lives. It’s not really brutal, but it’s got a great vibe of action and interest.

On the other hand… the characters are pretty much wish-fulfilments, with the lead character leading the charge. They are only partially shielded from their life choices by the comic banter, but there is enough bullet-dodging and pith to guarantee you’ll never omit the word “comedy” from it’s genre of “comedy drama.”

And then there’s the more-or-less gratuitous nudity – not all female, but certainly a majority. It’s intended, I think, to make the show feel more “adult” – grown up in this context. The nudity indicates it’s a show treating material up-front and honestly, and give it a realistic tinge… But on the other hand, it is largely immaterial to the plot and could be shot with what passes for decorum in mainstream TV America-land.

Season 2 has, so far, failed to really hit the latent emotional mood of confronting life. And it’s dealing, by-and-large, with events in the characters’ lives which are less raw and central than Season 1. It may have lost the thin wedge of emotional reality which lifted it above soft-core porn.

What the fuck, it’s still more entertaining than almost everything else I’ve seen come out of TV-land in years.

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