David Byrne

The concert was about 30% new material and about 70% stuff from the Talking Heads; generally starting off with the new stuff and then an increasingly old. There were a couple of tracks I didn’t recognise, which surprised me. They must be from Fear of Music.

It was awesome. I was just kicking myself by the end that I’d bought a gallery seat, because the stalls turned into a somewhat awkwardly arranged dance floor. Would have been great to be down there and a lot closer. Oh Well, next time. It’s not like I’ve got rhythm anyway, so a dance floor is not my natural habitat.

The performance itself was pretty damned good. Very high energy and intensity, and on the Talking Heads numbers the crowd went pretty wild… for the over 40 crowd. Aside from a couple of teenagers, I’d say I was well towards the younger end of the audience. But anyway, pretty wild. It was awesome to hear live songs I’ve listened to hundreds of times.

Only real complaint? Hecklers at the start of the show when he was doing the Eno/Byrne collaborations advertised in the name of the show (which, IMHO were pretty good!). What fucktards. A lot of people paid a lot of money and have waited a long time for a DB concert, and didn’t need that! Oh, and the start time was advertised incorrectly (7PM start- which meant the string quartet “supporting act” playing in the lobby: DB was only at 8PM).

Actually, I was also slightly annoyed, as I always am, by “encores” – I’d rather they just played those extra couple of songs straight off then vanished. But at least DB wasn’t the prima-donna Stephane Grappelli was: SG came back on stage 4 times!

All in all, I felt like my money and time were very well spent! Hopefully he’ll be back in NZ before too long, he’s only 57 or so, so has plenty of touring life left. 🙂 (SG must have been in his late 80s when I saw him)

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