Heroes 3.2

Totally underwhelmed.

The writers seem to have in mind a fixed cast-list, and just seek to reposition the core characters in ever more intricately convoluted circumstances to propel their stories. All of the characters seem to have, more or less, re-shuffled eventually back into their starting positions. Where’s the character development? Once each character got past the “I have powers” moment of enlightenment, they’ve been treading water.

First: kill Sylar. His story was so done at the end of Season 1. Let him die, and move on to other villains. Adam was a promising replacement; but by no means the last imaginative challenge for our “heroes”.

Second: if we find out next week that Old Lady Pettrelli is Hiro’s mother, I’m not going to be surprised. The surprise-parentage revelation has been already well and truly done to death on your own show. I want you to stop surprising characters with shock revelations and let them actually process information and make meaningful decisions.

Third… or really more of Second: Conspiracy theories are a “tell, don’t show” kinda deal. Seriously. This “inside the belly” business is cool, if you’re going to be grown-up about it and let things change and evolve; but that’s not what you’re doing.

In general, the whole thing seems lazy. Every plot device they’ve used before they’ve just started to recycle. Future Hiro was cool, so let’s have Future Emo-boy. etc. Hey writers: stop being so lazy. And if you only have one season’s worth of plot only make one season.

The other sweeping comment I’m going to make is that they’re all about the Soap-Opera style “dramatic moment” type of conflict which is all sound and fury but has no real decision point or story nexus buried in it. Characters are always going into these long intense arguments and coming out with nothing to show for it: just using up emotional energy. Hey writers: that’s now how Shakespeare wrote and it’s how you shouldn’t write too*.

I’m going to give it one more episode, but my good faith was pretty much burned by Season 2, and Season 3 is so far not winning back my love.

* Does anyone have a copy of Thinking Inside the Box I can borrow? I am particularly proud of this sentence. πŸ˜‰

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15 Responses to Heroes 3.2

  1. I didn’t even bother with the pilot episode, I saw it, and I googled it to get an idea then I declared the entire series a load of wank just like the series “lost” and slotted it into the “rather have my eyes removed with a spoon than watch that shite” list.

    A lot of stuff rom America these days is just zombie food. A dangly shiny toy on the end of a piece of string made to stimulate one’s brain in the worst possible way.

    The concept was great, not at all original *cough X-MEN cough*, but still pretty good. The delivery was just utter shit is all. If there really was a bunch of people running amok with super powers there would be blood and destruction on a very large scale. (even more than they had in the series)And a decent show would display this in an equally gruesome manner. Trouble is the big money is in feeding morons and nobody has the balls to make a decent show anymore. That’s why the invented HBO. The Sopranos and Deadwood are the 2 greatest shows in recent times, although both drifted a bit as they got older, in fact you shoudl definately go rent the Deadwood series, the dialogue alone is awesome and it might give you some more ideas for your western games.

  2. I’m glad I only watched season one then.

    • yeah. My impression is stick with Season 1 and pretend Seasons 2 and 3 don’t exist πŸ™‚

      • mashugenah says:

        Yeah: Season 1 setup some characters, explored their exploration of their powers. It setup a villain, and it set up a mildly intriguing conspiracy. Then it resolved all those things.

        Then season 2 opened by un-doing all the character development, plot movement and resolution. WTF? Now Season 3 is, IMHO, just repeating the same story ingredients as Season 1, just having shuffled the characters slightly. WTF again?

        Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to break down and watch the Wire for my weekly TV outing. πŸ˜€

      • I agree. Season 1 is a nice contained story.

        Not to scare you off but I hear season 3 actually gets worse around episode 6 or so.

  3. evie_fae says:

    Spoilers behind a cut, plzkthx? ^^;

    • jarratt_gray says:

      I think he has only seen what is on TV in NZ so only about 2 or 3 episodes of season 3.

      • mashugenah says:

        Does it get better?

      • xullrae says:

        I’m quite enjoying it. But then I tend not to try and work out the big plots, I’m quite capable of forgetting most of the plot arcs and treating each episode as a stand alone*. And it’s the only thing worth watching at the moment now that Top Gear’s finished πŸ™‚

        *This drives Mat mad, as he’s always trying to work out what’s going to happen. Which drives me mad, of course, as I hate it when he tells me and he’s right.

      • Top Gear and Most Haunted are the only shows that I watch on TV (exlcudes DVD TV Series) with any regularity.

      • jarratt_gray says:

        LJ ate my massive post about all that is wrong with the writers on the show.

        Suffice to say that the writers might have a good road map for their plot, but not for their characters, they do not seem to understand their characters motivations, history or powers. I had a lot of great examples, mostly related to Peter and Syler.

        I would have to say that there are some great moments in season 3, but being that one of them (the reveal of who shot Nathan) happened right at the beginning there isn’t heaps to look forward to.

        I enjoy it, but and constantly frustrated by the lazy writing and lack of cohesion. They are constantly using the time travel devices to rehash history which them makes no sense in the context of how the characters have been played in the past.

        Parkman’s actor likes the fact that Producers don’t let on what is happening with the characters so that stuff doesn’t slip. It’s okay to not know where your character is going to end up, but if it has already happened, just hasn’t been shown on screen yet you have to know. Of course this is an episode that hasn’t happened for you yet and was the most frustrating episode of the whole season for me.

        From where you are things do look up for the most part. Yes things move too quickly, yes the characters seem to do things *that make no sense*, but mostly it is enjoyable, albeit somewhat frustrating. The worst stuff is the Mohinder storyline but even then they bring him back somewhere reasonable. Though I don’t think you are close to over the hump on that one yet.

        My advice is that if you only have 1 hour to watch TV a week, don’t watch Heroes, what something better. If you like the characters and have an inkling of hope that it will get better then go for it. It might get better, 2 of the Writer/Show Runners have been fired so who knows.

        Though I read a thing where Tim Kring had seemingly lost confidence in serialized Network TV so that doesn’t bode well. I think most of the people involved (writers and producers) are in way over their heads. The actors, directors, editors, sound all deserve better because aside from the writing it’s a really well made show.

        There are of course writers out there that could make this show work. I just don’t think it is the ones they have. Also I wonder if it really can be salvaged without wiping the slate clean.

      • evie_fae says:

        I stopped reading after a few sentences. Just in case.

    • mashugenah says:

      Spoiler? OMFG, did I accidentally guess correctly that Hiro is a Pettrelli too? $!$#@%@#%@ ???

      • evie_fae says:

        No, but you indicated that someone outside the expected is a child of Mrs. Petrelli. That’s a spoiler. If I hadn’t already seen that episode, I would have been really annoyed. πŸ˜›
        As I am not up to date with Heroes, I stopped reading your post after that line, before something I didn’t already know was given away. If Jarratt’s right, then I am in fact ahead of you… But without a spoiler notice, I had no way of knowing that. Y’know? A nice cut saying ‘spoilers up to 3.##’ allows the reading of posts without fear, or total avoidance if required. ^^;

  4. threemonkeys says:

    Just to reinforce what you have said, I made it all the way to 3.7 and it really wasn’t worth the effort. I advise cutting your losses and stop now.

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