Assuming that what is important to you is important to someone else is the basic human fallacy.

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8 Responses to Aphorism

  1. jenni_talula says:

    …..but, I thought *everyone* liked My Little Ponies!

  2. eloieli says:

    Assuming that pointing out basic human fallacies changes basic human behaviour is a a basic huma fallacy.


    • mashugenah says:

      You can lead a horse to water and watch it die of dehydration? I think I heard that once before. I wonder what the person who said that thought was important?

    • queneva says:

      “Analysis is not therapy.”

      It can be fun to talk about, though: whether behaviour change follows awareness and understanding, or whether you just need to change the behaviour and let cognitive dissonance take care of the rest. How we — whether we — can become aware of others as full-fledged agents — what one of my lecturers called “real human persons” — with cares and preferences that are not necessarily like ours. When it’s reasonable to assume that people will share your concerns, whether adolescent angst is largely about coming to grips with being stranded inside your own head, and whether the supposed wisdom of age and experience is largely about recognising patterns of behaviour and knowing where they lead.

      And then there’s the parable of the custard square and the lamington. (Ask .)

  3. mashugenah says:

    It just occured to me that when a person makes a mistake, there’s usually a component of that in there somewhere. Maybe “elemental” or “primary” might have been a better word than “basic” as in “fire/earth/water/air” or “yellow/blue/red”. I suppose there are other such mistakes that amalgamate with this one to get the specific mistake you’ve actually made.

    I didn’t give much thought to how it would be read. Given the lack of information, I suppose you’d have to make a judgement call about who I was as a person in order to find a specific meaning in the statement. Any ideas? πŸ˜‰

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