Hot Fuzz [2007]

Thanks once again to the ever lovable I went along to see the “Myspace Black Curtain Preview” screening of Hot Fuzz which is the second movie by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead fame.

This screening was especially cool because Peter Jackson introduced the two stars and director, and then there were some short speeches. Nothing particularly shocked or surprised in these, but I always enjoy that moment of realization that the stars are actually right there.

Surprisingly, I actually had fun chilling out in the queue beforehand too. I finally actually properly met ‘s Cal, and misc fun was had.

So, after queueing for 2 odd hours in the sun, and seeing the principals, and realizing just how awesome Shaun was… how was Hot Fuzz?

Firstly: it’s not particularly similar to Shaun of the Dead. There are a lot of familiar touches so it’s clearly made by the same people, but the characters and situations don’t borrow much if anything. So I’d generally say that liking or not liking Shaun will probably not govern whether you like this movie.

Shaun really broke into reasonably fresh ground with it’s Romantic Comedy embedded inside a pretty straight-up horror/zombie plot. Hot Fuzz is more comfortably embedded in the action/comedy genre, and has most of the typical traits of that genre. So in terms of originality, there’s not a huge amount.

But that’s my only real potential gripe. It did what it set out to extremely well. It’s a pretty near perfect example of the genre, made with care and attention. Moreover, it’s a fun movie: there’s no lag time, there’s enough plot, character and action to keep things going without turning into a Pirates 2-style desensitizing experience, and there are laughs aplenty without rendering it soulless. I also have to say that the entire cast, without exception, carried off their parts with verve. Especially Timothy Dalton, who was just awesome.

On the IMDB I voted for an 8/10.

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One Response to Hot Fuzz [2007]

  1. archielady says:

    The first two lines make it sound like you guys went on a man date.
    Ha ha.

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