War of the Worlds [2005]

I just watched Speilberg’s War of the Worlds.

I was pleasantly surprised. He kept the bulk of the cool stuff from the book and successfully transplanted it into the present day. There were one or two minor pacing issues near the opening, and it sacrificed some of the gothic and claustrophobic feel of the book for action; but neither of these is too serious.

I’m unable to look at it as a movie in its own right… without which bias I suspect some of the flaws inherent in the story might be all too clear. I loved the book, and as an adaption of the book into cinema, this is a pretty tough movie to beat.

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2 Responses to War of the Worlds [2005]

  1. jarratt_gray says:

    I assume you didn’t see it in the cinema. Trust me, DVD does not do War of teh Worlds justice. Ths sound is just incredible, in the Embassy it just blew me away. It was like harkening back to the old days of Hitchcock when the right placed shrill note would have you grasping for your partners hand. War of the World had sound that just grabbed me and ripped me apart.

    Mostly I thought it was an excellent movie. I have never read Wells’ book but I have listened to the old album. I did think that Speilburg did a nice job of translating it to modern day as well as making it something if its own. I also liked how it reached back to his early years of directing but was firmly set in the here and now in terms of style.

    I also loved how it was just so damn creepy.

    • mashugenah says:

      No. I find I’m missing more and more of these epic blockbusters on the Big Screen. :/ Never got around to X3, and it was just luck that got me to Superman Returns.

      I’ll go with you on the superiority of the Embassy in general though. Every time I sit down at a Reading movie I ask myself why it’s not at the Embassy. (Timing issues mostly. 😦 )

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