Bread and Roses [2000]

Saw Bread and Roses today: a drama about the plight of immigrant janitors, and the history and clash of two sisters. It did a really good job of convincing you that what you were watching was real. People mis-spoke, things were unresolved, there were some twists, but all believable. This meant that the “message” of the film was diluted by the filter of realism in a way a more constructed work would have avoided. It also meant that while you could sympathise with the characters, you understood how it was their own flawed natures leading to their minor tragedies. I think that this makes the film thought-provoking in a way unattainable for most hollywood movies. It left me feeling uncertain about the aftermath of the events shown too, aware that the lives of the characters would have both good times and bad in the future. Overall, it was quite good, with very solid performances all around.

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3 Responses to Bread and Roses [2000]

  1. cha0sslave says:

    It’s the dark side Mash. Embrace it and come and be a soldier of the night with the newest Super Villian in town.

    • mashugenah says:

      Thing is, in the last year of school, and first year of Uni, I did. It really sucked ass. I’m lucky Gamgee’s a great guy.. and that Cataragon is at least forgiving.

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