Touch of Evil [1958]

Finished watching Touch of Evil today.. it is one of the great Noir movies which had somehow escaped my attention previously. I have many profound thoughts on it, but they’re mostly critical.

Generally, it pulled punches where a modern movie wouldn’t, and because it was dealing with a subject explored much more since then, it feels incomplete and a bit dated. I can’t help but think that it’s bastard child is Dirty Harry, which was much better at capturing the point. In this regard, it’s much like every single Orson welles film I’ve seen! They are all good “ideas” movies, which just don’t go the full distance in their material. He is not unlike other pioneers in this regard. My major complaint about H.G. Wells’ books, for example, is the same one: his novels read like a precis, or book pitch rather than like a fully fledged novel.

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