Trekkies [1997]

Trekkies is a movie made by some peripheral cast & crew of one incarnation or other of the (damn, already used phenomenon) juggernaut of modern Sci Fi. The documovie takes excerpts of convention footage and now venerable interviews with prinipal cast members from TOS & TNG (excluding only the two Captains) and groups them thematically to show some insight into the mind of the dedicated Fan. It is a mixed bag, showing some genuine compassion for their condition, but mostly it watches as a “worst of” moments. The most apt tagline was proviuded by another reviewer who (speaking to a geek audience) said it should be watched to make you feel better about your own life. C’est la vie. FWIW, I’d buy a second iteration movies uniform if I had the spare cash.

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3 Responses to Trekkies [1997]

  1. cha0sslave says:

    Thats a crazy Doco aint it. That chick who insists on being called Commander is a bit creepy. Nice and friendly and all but yea, a litle over the line. But not as much as the guy who zips around in the life support vehicle they made for the demented Capt Pike.

    • mashugenah says:

      yeah, she was only third or fourth on our list of the most extreme Trekkies on the show. My pick as the most extremely out-there guy was the guy who started out “playing” an astronaut who barely got a mention on the sho then “character developed” his persona into the astronaut’s wife. Weird. 🙂

  2. jenni_talula says:


    I think Starwoids was a better film…less footage of the overly, um, dedicated fans and more of the stuff surrounding the whole thing. Like the Star Wars stage musical. Can you believe Mark Hamil didn’t accept their free seat to the opening?


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